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Di azienda "MAGNITO-KONTAKT" Ltd

OOO NPP "Magneto-Contact" develops, manufactures and supplies sensors based on sealed contacts:

Security detectors:

  • security point detectors for magnetoactive structures
  • explosion-proof magnetic contact point burglar detectors
  • security push-button detectors
  • security point detectors for non-magnetic structures
  • burglar surface shock-contact detectors, glass-break detectors
  • inertial magnetic contact sensors
  • inertial magnetic contact explosion-proof sensors, explosion-proof marking 0ExiaIICT6
  • combined surface security detectors
  • burglar-type magnetic contact cut-in detectors
  • burglar magnetic contact detectors
  • hand-held, foot-operated burglar alarm detectors
  • pedals

Fire detectors:

  • maximum heat fire detectors
  • maximum explosion-proof thermal fire detectors
  • maximum differential thermal fire detectors
  • manual magnetic contact fire detectors
  • addressable heat fire detectors
  • manual magnetic contact fire detectors, explosion-proof marking 0ExiaIICT6, 1ExibIIBT6
  • two-wire fire smoke detectors
  • autonomous fire smoke detectors
  • addressable smoke detectors
  • explosion-proof smoke detectors

Magnetic hermetic position sensors:

  • Position sensors
  • Liquid level sensors
  • Remote high-temperature reed switches
  • Fire alarms
  • Explosion-proof light sirens with explosion-proof marking 1ExibIIBT4
  • Electromechanical rotary devices
  • Junction boxes: KS, KVSK, plastic box IP67
  • Explosion-proof junction boxes
  • Connecting devices
  • Explosion-proof connecting devices with explosion protection marking 0ExiaIICT6
  • Gas alarm
  • Control and switching devices
  • Loop intrinsic safety barrier with explosion protection marking [Exia] IIC / IIB
  • Supply of reed switches
  • Sensors based on sealed contacts are resistant to external factors, operate in a wide range of temperatures, humidity, resistant to chemically active media and dust, sealed electrical contact provides protection in explosive and fire hazardous environments.

OOO NPP "Magneto-Contact" manufactures explosion-proof equipment.

We accept orders for the manufacture of products from antistatic materials used in potentially flammable environments.



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